My oh my, it is that time of the year again. Demos are set to be delivered, tracks and label EP’s are set to come out, ultra-exclusive shows will happen, new tech is about to get launched and so much more. My fellow dance music lovers, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is right around the corner!

As our more ancient followers already know, here at Wide Future, we look at the Amsterdam Dance Event as one of the most important weeks of the year. Last year we covered all of the ADE days and this year we are going to do it in an even more complete way. Several articles are set to be released on numerous ADE related content, such as the itinerary for every single day of the event, so that you don’t miss a bit of the action, the traditional (and controversial) DJ Mag Top 100 coverage and reactions, how the Portuguese will fare in Amsterdam and this time we are going even going underground, letting you know who are the best “underdog” artists this year (go check them out)!

There is no excuse not to follow ADE this year as Wide Future will provide you with all the necessary info on all genres of dance music. Join us on one of the best raving weeks of the year, we won’t let you miss out on anything!

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Studying Foreign Languages and Cultures in Porto's Superior School of Education. Currently on Erasmus in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Football and Basketball aficionado. Madly in love with Dance Music.

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