It has been 2 years now since Rezz to the dance scene by storm. In these two years, the Ukrainian born producer has never ceased to amaze her fans and that isn’t stopping anytime soon as Isabelle Rezazadeh is set to release a comic book in collaboration with Chicago based illustrator Luis Colindres.

The 60 page comic-book has the same name as the recently launched album, “Mass Manipulation”. It tells the story of the album. Rezz is an alien from Neptune who arrives on Earth and meets two humans. She then starts to hypnotize the world with her music. Through music and her psychedelic mind, she tries to reach her ultimate goal of bringing peace and love to our planet Earth.

The comic-book is set to be accompanied by an animated video for her track “Premonition”. The clip follows the style and the story of the book as it takes certain highlights from the plot.

Can Rezz get anymore awesome? Find out for yourself as the comic-book is already available for pre-order.

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