Living in Miami is not always a bed of roses…. And Markus Schulz knows that.
In a city accustomed to dealing with these disasters, people already know the procedures they have to follow, so the vast majority decide to leave their homes, travel to neighboring states or countries and hope that luck is on their side so they do not suffer great damage.

However, after his property had suffered some damage, the worst was yet to come.
When the German returned to Miami, he came across something even more sad: someone took advantage of the fact that he had stayed in Buenos Aires to loot the Coldharbour studios, where, in addition to the stolen equipment, the Pioneer gold mixer he received a few years ago for winning DJ Times’ ‘Best DJ in America’ was also missing.

On Facebook, Markus shared his frustration and sadness at the fact that there is always some people taking advantage of these catastrophes to their personal advantage, also saying that the equipment could be replaced, but a prize that “was cherished with prestige, pride, and sentimental value cannot.”

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