This year’s edition was a year of steady rise. After a dozen editions, the Neopop festival (which has already been called Anti-Pop) with various booking from the German electronic music scene, with the 3D concert of the Kraftwerk and Moderat historicals.

Kraftwerk, who have confirmed all their uniqueness, revealed in recent years, choosing to recreate the sound and attitude, which has seduced successive generations since the 1970s, influencing almost all of today’s music, have allied electronic music and image in their own way. peculiar. And they brought with them their compatriots Moderat, who provided a good audiovisual show, with dynamic electronic sound, intense light and high definition images, all properly synchronized, in a visual choreography that amplifies the power of the songs returned from the stage by Sascha Ring (Apparat) and Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert (Modeselektor). These two groups altered a bit of a scenario, thus counting the festival this year, a more transgenerational audience, coming from Portugal but also from Spain and other countries, who not only want to dance but also to watch a good show. This is one of the most relevant facts that marked this year’s edition of Neopop, these performances being separated from the rest, by the difference but at the same time for the general public striking, by its uniqueness.

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