The DJ and producer Steve Angello released last friday two new tracks that complete the list of their new album. It was through the announcement on his official Facebook page that the Swedish kept his thousands of fans on hold throughout the week.

To thank and be more flexible is the hard message to which the American T. D. Jakes gives voice in “Rejoice”. Admitted as one of the most intense tracks of Steve Agello, “Rejoice” criticizes in 7 min and 34 seconds the general defeatist mentality of the people.  However, rather than reprimanding all those who blame others for their own mistakes or those who are envious and unenlightened, S-A alerts us to the ability of human beings to change their thinking and the benefits it will bring – it is illustrative the excerpt transcribed below.

Put your hand on your head and say, “Give me a new mind”
Give me new mind means give me a new perspective
Give me a new perspective
Give me a new way of looking at my situation
Give me a new way of looking at my circumstances
Get my mind ready for this year
Because when I get this year there’s gonna be blessings
There’s gonna be miracles, there’s gonna to be opportunities


The collaboration with the singer Paul Meany was the second song revealed by the Swedish producer. “Breaking Kind” treats a restless love that seems to still give that talk.

To listen the tracks click below.

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