So what did happen yesterday (June 11) in Ultra Singapore led Don Diablo to refuse to take part in future Ultra events.

In a video posted on his Facebook, the Dutch DJ explained to fans why he made this decision. It seems that Don Diablo and his team were unable to reach Singapore in time for their performance after the flight from Beijing was delayed. However, the DJ and the team tried their best not to disappoint their fans and managed to get to Singapore in time to play a part of the set.

It turned out that when they landed they started receiving several text messages saying that they “weren’t really welcome anymore”, that they “didn’t get any pyro anymore”, even getting messages saying that his performance would be canceled.
Despite what happened, Don Diablo decided to perform, out of respect for his fans, stating that this has been happening for several years, including with other DJs who do not want to speak because it is a big festival where everyone wants to perform.

For this reason, Don Diablo will no longer be performing at future Ultra events, including those where he has already been announced.

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