Announced by Ask for More, this is the challenge launched by Neopop at the 3 summer events, which this year will take place at Pacha Ofir on the nights of July 1 and 15 (Monika Kruse and Ben Klock respectively), and August 19 ( Marco Carola).

The artists in question, are great names in electronic music worldwide and are not unknown to the Portuguese public, having all passed several times in Portugal.

Born in Berlin, Ben Klock is one of the most influential figures in the recent history of contemporary electronic music, making a decisive contribution to making a lasting mark on the sound of this Berlin club Berghain.
In Portugal he has been present at Lux Frágil and Gare Porto, and since 2014 he has been present in all the Festival Forte editions, although his name has not yet been confirmed in this year’s edition.

Monika Kruse, the German who started her career in the 1990s and who last year went through festivals like Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) and Time Warp (Mannheim, Germany), returns to the North of Portugal, after already acting in the Indústria Club and at the Gare, last year. With a tremendous career spanning two decades, encompassing several Techno and House strands, with a stop at the best clubs and festivals in the world, Monika arrives in 2017 as one of the most beloved and decisive figures in European dance music.

Marco Carola is a world techno ambassador. From Napoli in southern Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of electronic music in the early 90’s, he took the burgeoning techno-Napolitano scenery to the rest of the world. After having performed at Pacha Ofir on August 30, 2012, he returns 5 years later to a space he knows well.

Daniel Sousa

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