Friday, the 2nd of June, a Press Conference took place in the Matosinhos Town Hall regarding the 10th Edition of EDP Beach Party set to be on the weekend of the 30th of June and the 1st of July. There were four talkers, these being Música no Coração big man Luís Montez, Matosinhos Mayor Eduardo Pinheiro, Councilman Fernando Rocha and EDP representative Marta Marques.

Like always, Luís Montez kicked off the proceedings. He revealed they had made a bold move by having their biggest ever publicity campaign in Lisbon. Still regarding this topic, the festival mastermind added “It is time for this festival to stop being a Northern event”, even though he assured the relationships with CM Matosinhos had never been better. Mr. Montez said the event is expected to be sold out in the next days as thirty thousand people are expected in each day, totalling a total of sixty thousand. When asked about potential stage improvements, he answered that it wouldn’t be worse than in previous editions and reminded us that Decibel “uses” EDP Beach Party to show off all of its new material.

It was now time for Matosinhos Mayor Eduardo Pinheiro to take on the mic. The politician reassured us that their business relations with Nova Era and EDP had never been better and that it is a joy to host this festival every year. His speech was followed by a video package.

After presenting the video package, Nova Era’s Silvia Braga made some comments about the festival itself, revealing that Matisse and Sadko will do the warm-up for Martin Garrix and that Carnage will close out the event. There is a quote that stood out in her speech.

“This line-up will never happen again. You can write it down.”

The two final orators were Marta Marques and Fernando Rocha. Marta gave emphasis to the great relations between all parties and stated that EDP Beach Party has become a tradition. Fernando Rocha’s speech came with a comical tone as he recapped all ten editions. The Councilman started off by saying that “When EDP Beach Party started, it had everything to go wrong”, however it has become an international reference in the dance scene, as Luís Montez said that the festival was much complimented during his time in ADE.

It was a very pleasant press conference that was capped off with a boat party through the Douro River that leaves us anxiously waiting for what is in store in three weeks.

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