Another week comes to a close, and as tradition demands it we have updated our Spotify playlist with this week’s releases.

In a relatively quiet week for music releases, we open the playlist with Eddie‘s new EP called “Pipe Dream,” followed by another THNK EP, Eric Cloutier‘s remix of Vero’s track “Salute,” and one of the two collaborations between Cristoph and Jeremy Olander released this week.

You can also listen to “Stardust” from Ovion, the track “Sonar” from Max Vangeli‘s new EP, BROHUG‘s “IF I’m Wrong”, and “Equals” from Curbi‘s new EP.
The Portuguese duo KEVU again released a track under the Revealed label. This time they collaborated with Robert Falcon and Vendark on the track “KARTEL”.

In the world of Drum & Bass, Teddy Killerz released their new album called Nighmare Street.
Finally, in the world of Trance, Vini Vici and Bizzare Contact remixed the track “Answer From The Stars”, Sean Mathews and Andres Sanchez released “Never Be”, Jaytech and Judah released “Boss Fight”, and finally Markus Schulz released his brand new track “Running Up That Hill” as Dakota, a track to which Bev Wild gives voice.

And that’s it for this week.
Follow our playlist and take it with you everywhere!

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