Another week comes to a close, and as tradition demands it we have updated our Spotify playlist with this week’s releases.

Before we start talking about the tracks included in this week’s playlist, we would like to feature Deepblue’s new single feat. Inês, named ‘Talk’.
This track has a different sound from what we are used to hear from Deepblue. With a summer vibe, it’s the first music since 2014 where he incorporates vocals.
Since ‘Talk’ will only be available on Spotify starting this coming week, you can listen to it here.

Now, let’s talk about the songs we selected for the playlist!
Starting it off, ‘Oh Woman Oh Man’ it’s the lattest single released by London Grammar. ‘Stellar’ by RavenKis, Josh Wink’s ‘Resist’, Borgore’s track named ‘Help’, Axwell /\ Ingrosso stripped version of ‘I Love You’, ‘Children’ by David Gravell, and Oliver Smith’s ‘On The Moon’ are some of the other singles released this week.

In terms of albums, neXt and Hypnotic came out this week.
neXt is the tenth ATB’s studio album. In the year that marks his twentieth anniversary as a leading artist in electronic music he decided to release this album.
It digs into modern-day trance music as much as it includes down-tempo gems, emboding all twenty years of ATB’s career.

Hypnotic is Wilkinson’s second album. It’s been 4 years since he released his debut album, but this is not just another one. Hypnotic is about a special moment in Wilkinson’s career: his songwriting and his own personal music inspiration have been influenced by the time he spent on the road with a full live band.

It may not be an album but this one was something that the fans were very much waiting for, Malaa released this week his ‘Illegal Mixtape’!
The 12-track mixtape mixes Deep House, Bass House and G House in a way Malaa has already accustomed us. In addition to his 3 singles, this mixtape features new tracks by Jace Mek, FromDropTillDawn, Skitzofrenix and many more!

Finally, the EP’s.
Our highlight this week goes to Jeremy Olander! The Swedish DJ and Producer released a 2-track EP named ‘Damon’.
It has a sonority similar to his other works, the authentic Progressive House mixed with Drum-oriented Techno.
Out now via his own Vivrant label, ‘Damon’ will leave you speechless with his addictive sounds.
Another EP’s released this week were Tiga’s ‘Nighclub’,  ‘Divergent’ by THNK and Boombox Cartel‘s EP named ‘Cartel’.

There is nothing better than listening to the playlist and discover every track by yourself.
Don’t waste your time, listen now and share it with your friends.


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