It’s been almost 4 years since Wilkinson released Lazers Not Included. In that period of time, the RAM artist put together a full live band, done three extensive tours and, just before the release of his second album, he blessed us with harder stuff like his release from last year called “What“.

The new album “Hypnotic” is about a special moment in his career: his time on the road with a full live band has influenced his songwriting and his own personal musical inspirations. Wilkinson says “Hypnotic is the sound of a man exploring his sound and creative capabilities” and the best song to describe this is “Wash Away” which is the song he’s most proud of, he says.
“Hypnotic” is full of features from his band members Jem Cooke, Shannan and Simon and artists like Andreya Triana, Karen Harding, Raphaella and more.

Despite the fact that the album is loaded with features, the british dnb producer has a long list for dreamy collaborations, and he says

“There’s so many singers/rappers I’d like to work with. Same for producers like Flume. The list is endless. D&B wise… the Upbeats are top of my list. (…) Obviously TC and I’ve been chatting to Metrik, hopefully Dimension one day. Just people who are making really exciting music, basically.”

Listen to album below:

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