If you are a big fan of Porter Robinson and Madeon this was certainly one of the performances you most wanted to see in your life! Coachella is the stage of the last 2 shows of the Shelter Live Tour, which marks the separation of these two electronic music masters.

They could not have picked a better place to end the tour! With an incredible audience, the first of these last two shows was, according to Madeon, ‘the best of his life’.
Their live remixes, live mashups, a tracklist with their own work and the amazing visuals were perfectly matched! This was certainly a historic moment in Coachella’s history.

If you did not have a chance to watch live, you can see below the full set.
But get ready, you will certainly shiver with the show of these two! It’s going to be an hour where your emotions will all be in full bloom!



1. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Intro Mashup)
2. Madeon feat. Passion Pit vs. Mat Zo & Porter Robinson vs. Nero – Pay No Mind vs. Easy vs. The Thrill (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Mashup)
3. Porter Robinson vs. Madeon vs. Kyan – Sad Machine vs. Only Way Out vs. You’re On (Porter Robinson & Madeon Live Mashup)
4. Madeon feat. Kyan vs. Porter Robinson – You’re On vs. Natural Light (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Mashup Remix)
5. ID – ID
6. Madeon – Imperium (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Remix) with Madeon – Ubelkeit (Acappella)
7. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Pop Culture vs. Say My Name (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Mashup)
8. Porter Robinson & Madeon feat. Amy Millan vs. Aquilo – Technicolor vs. Divinity vs. Innocence (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Mashup)
9. Madeon – Beings (Porter Robinson Live Remix)
10. Porter Robinson ft. Breanne Düren – Sea Of Voices (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Remix)
11. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Fellow Feeling vs. Icarus (Porter Robinson & Madeon Live Mashup)
12. Madeon – Pixel Empire (Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Live Remix)
13. Porter Robinson – Goodbye To A World vs. Natural Light (Porter Robinson & Madeon Live Mashup)
14. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter vs. Language (Porter Robinson & Madeon Live Outro Mashup)

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