With strong connections within the electronic music scene, Justin Bieber is no longer a stranger among the producers.
But that does not just stop there. As you can see in social networks, the Canadian is not limited to creating merely professional connections with artists.

Proof of this are the moments spent with Martin Garrix. The two seem to be great friends, spending several moments together, always having fun!
Maybe that was the reason why Justin Bieber invited Martin Garrix to be his special guest during his Purpose World Tour concerts throughout the Australian territory. If the Canadian alone sell out tickets easily, then with Martin Garrix it was a huge success! They sold out arenas!

Now, Justin again calls another name known within electronic music scene. Alan Walker, the Norwegian DJ and producer who in 2015 became known worldwide for his hit ‘Faded’, is the special guest for the Canadian singer’ show in Mumbai.

In a message shared on his social networks, Alan Walker showed his enthusiasm for being part of this leg of Justin Bieber’s tour.
It will certainly be an unforgettable moment in the Norwegian’s career, which he hopes will sell out arenas by himself in the future!

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