March was a prominent month when talking about Dance Music, both nationally and internationally. We just had Miami Music Week and the amazing Ultra Music Festival, an historical one to say the least, on a more internal point of view we are just two weeks past Talkfest 2017 in Lisbon.

Talkfest was huge for Wide Future on several aspects and one of them is the talk we had with Brunch Electronik director André Rebelo.

We started to ask how the idea of bringing Brunch to Portugal came up. We were answered in a completely honest manner but with something that isn’t normally said in this type of chats. Rebelo said that Portugal is a small country where people think that the external events are always better, using Rock in Rio as an example.

“The Portuguese don’t fully trust what is made here.”

The Brunch promoters did their homework and studied various concepts that exist in Europe and when the opportunity to do the festival in Portugal came up they didn’t hesitate.

“As a promoter, the idea is to always set the bar higher.”

Brunch promised to set that bar even higher as soon as the next edition. In our friendly chat, the director said that there will be a bigger investment in the line-up next year, assuring a much better lineup. The Brunch big man also hinted at some new elements he couldn’t reveal just yet, but expect to be amazed with art and recycling.

When planning a festival, one of the most important aspects to take into account is, certainly, the place. Our guest affirmed that the site was just what they wanted as the recycling thematic links directly with what they wanted to achieve. People’s awareness for recycling is getting higher every day. The organization knows that, and that was reflected on the creation of the “EcoCup”.

“What we do in our daily lives can be reflected in a music festival.”

One of the goals of the organization is to take the concept and the festival to other parts of the country, having already had contacts with the city of OPorto. The interest to expand to other cities is real.

There’s a goal to make some events throughout the year, a page taken from Neopop’s book, however, unlike Neopop, Brunch Eletronik has a different concept. Brunch has received several partnership invitations from a number of great nightclubs but the outdoor concept seems to be detrimental in these negotiations.

Something that is being planned is a special edition in various places in the city, of course, outdoor. Brunch wants people to know that they are a day festival, unlike most of the festivals, thus keeping true to themselves. They don’t want to be associated with nightlife nor nightclubs.

“Day, fresh air and electronic music. That is the path we want to follow”.

When asked about his direct competitors, Rebelo said that competition is always good because it takes the best out of everyone, even though there could be a little bit more of help between them.

“Competition is always good. It makes us better and it makes us work more. There is space for everyone, however, we could help each others a little more.”

Rebelo confirms that they are taking the “step by step” approach, however, there is a great possibility that in 2018, Brunch will have a second stage with other styles of music.

Mr. Rebelo provided us great information and it was certainly a great talk that absolutely confirms the rise of Portugal in the Dance scene and leaves us anxiously waiting for the amazing times that are up ahead.

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