The French DJ & Producer Dustycloud is back at it again this time round releasing “Auspex EP” under Confession, fellow Frenchman, Tchami‘s imprint.

Dustycloud, is a French house producer, stating to produce late in 2014 inspired by the Parisian club scene, Tom – Dustycloud’s real name – launched the project to allow him to express his emotions and interact with others through his music. “Marie” was released under Ultra Records which catapulted him to success, in 2015 Dustycloud released “Baguette Vibe” under OWSLA helping to gain further internacional following of all House music aficionados, 2016/7 and he is ready to become the next breakout house artist with fellow Frenchmen Tchami, Malaa, Snake and Mercer whom have all supported him.

Now in March, 2017, Dustycloud is back at Confession to release a 3 piece EP, “Auspex”, he had this to say on release:

“This EP means a lot to me, the 3 tracks define perfectly my vision of house music.I put a lot of passion into the project and I had a lot of fun doing it.I feel blessed that Tchami places his trust in my music, it’s an honor to be able to release it on Confession.”

The first track of the EP is “Omen” followed by “Last Chance” and last but not least “Bold” all three tracks are different from each other, but never losing the feeling that they belong at Confession Records, throughout the EP you know you are listening to the new wave of Future House, Bass House and even touching a bit of G House, that the French DJ & Producers are bringing to scene.

But less reading and more listening, take a listen below to Dustycloud new EP.

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