Recently the executive director of the Ultra Music Festival, Adam Russakoff, shared in his Instagram Stories a selfie where it is possible to visualize the design for the main stage. It’s 10 days to the beginning of another Ultra Music Festival Miami and we can already see what the stage looks like.


The structure is already being assembled at Bayfront Park in Miami. And already they begin to circulate in the Internet, some images of the current state of the stage. A week from the start of the event, this is the look of the stage that will receive the biggest names in electronic music. Credit: EDM Machine



Five days before the festival starts, the structures are already visible at the Bayfront Park, and the images continue to reach the internet. This time, we can observe the construction of the gigantic spider stage and more details of the main stage.

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The team of Wide Future will keep this post updated, so feel free to come here every day and watch the evolution of one of the biggest stages in the world.

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