In celebration of the International Women’s Day, we have decided to pick 10 amazing female DJ/Producers who have, are and will make waves in the Dance Music industry.

Dance Music is tough to everyone, but it seems it’s even tougher for female DJ/Producers to establish themselves in this male dominated industry, however when they break, they really breakthrough, marking the scene and generations like no other.

Today is all about this fantastic ladies and nothing else, for that reason take a look below at 10 amazing ladies who set themselves apart from the rest, in a list that goes far and wide in the Dance Music genre spectrum, lets get started!

Alison Wonderland is an Australian native, who produces Trap, Hip-Hop and Bass Music genres. Alison started out by playing classical music – specifically the Cellist – in 2014 she decided to embark in an adventure by playing in warehouses across Australia, she reached world wide fame after her astonishing and emotional performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2015.

Annie mac is an Irish native, who is proclaimed by many the best female tastemaker in the world, it’s really hard to count how many hit she has helped launch, Annie joined BBC Radio 1 in 2004 and since then has only got stronger and stronger. Every Friday night she host a show at BBC Radio 1 which attracts over a million listeners and her recent expansion to BPM Channel 51 and SiriusXM has boosted her stateside profile.

TOKiMONSTA is Californian Native, Toki was invited to attend Red Bull Music Academy in London in 2010 were she learned how to produce, in 2010 she released her first album on Flying Lotus awarding her best Los Angeles lady DJ by LA Weekly, later in 2012 she released a collaborative album with Suzi Analogue called Boom, next year she went on to release a new album under Ultra Records and that same year she was invited by Red Bull Music Academy to become an Illuminati lecturer.

Hannah Wants is an English native, has a different story to all other DJs/Producers in this list because Hannah was in fact a professional football player, Hannah Smith – Hannah Wants real name – played for Aston Villa and for 10 years for the English squad before retiring at the age of 23 to pursue her dream, her first breakthrough arrived by accident while on holiday in Ibiza Hannah was invited to fill in for another DJ, this led to landing her first residency and consequentially nation wide bookings, her first production breakthrough was “Rhythms” which reached 13th on the UK Single Charts.

Krewella are native from Illinois, they are sisters and have been performing together since 2007, originally a duo with producer Rain Man in 2014 however Rain Man left the trio and a lawsuit followed up, since the split the sisters hit a slump, however it was overcome in 2015 when they returned strong with a live band at the Ultra Music Festival last year (2015). Their music is a blend of self-produced electro house and dubstep, with influences of many other EDM styles.

Mija is a Phoenix native, she also struck gold by inviting Skrillex to join her playing back-to-back on a Bonnaroo art car was the best career move Mija has ever made. The OWSLA boss has taken her under his wing since, whisking her off to Los Angeles and AM Only, where her career has blossomed with a series of quality bookings.

Nervo are two Australian native sisters, they started their careers by singing and writing songs such us David Guetta’s Grammy winner hit “When Love Takes Over” and many other world famous pop artists, in 2010 they announced a worldwide record contract with Virgin Records/EMI Music, a month later they released “This Kind Of Love” on their own label “Loaded Records”, since then the pair blew up to stardom and now plays at the biggest main stages all over the world.

Nina Kraviz is a Russian native, who hardly needs any introductions, but for the most distracted Nina started out in 2005 and since then has been on the up and up, she also was accepted for the Red Bull Music Academy but this time round in Seattle, however she could not attend due to visa restrictions, but attended the following year in Melbourne. Nina produces mostly techno, however what she really likes is f-ed up music with character she told Billboard.

Rezz is a American native, the mau5trap wonder kid has been making waves recently, Rezz started producing in 2013 and since then hasn’t stopped, she struggled at the start with Ableton 9 but in her own words “Nothing like 14h straight wont fix”, her biggest influences are deadmau5, gesaffelstein, alesia, amon tobin, eskmo, bassnectar, pretty lights and many more, honestly go check her work out, like “Purple Gusher” or “Edge”.

The Black Madonna is a Chicago native, where she plays regular residencies at the famous independent venue Smart Bar. A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic vinyl sets, which span from disco to techno. Black Madonna doesn’t do standard, she wants the weird, the unpredictable, the crazy and anything that will stir up the Dance Music scene.

There are many, many other female DJ/Producers who deserve recognition by the public, can you let us know who do you think we should feature in a future follow up article?

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