Legal issues related to the copyright of remixes and DJ sets may be about to be solved.
In a world where hundreds of hours of mixes and remixes are uploaded every minute but over 90% of them can not get to legal music services there is a huge hole that can be tapped.

Currently the problem that big streaming apps face is related to the clearance and rights complexities. That is, the owner of every small sample that is used in remixes and DJ sets has to be paid and in many cases it becomes difficult to identify the owner of the original content, as well as to control the use and distribution of the content in accordance with the rights-by-territory.
To solve this and try to take advantage of this huge market opportunity, Dubset has developed a technology that it considers capable of putting an end to these problems.

Founded in 2010, Dubset has been creating over the years its audio fingerprint and rights management technology that can detect every sample used in a song or set. This database has already more than 100 million master recordings and will distribute royalties by all parties involved: labels, publishers, DJs and music services.
If it can convince big labels and publishers that this is a new revenue stream Dubset may be having a huge impact on the industry by further enhancing remixes and DJ sets.

Already working with some of the world’s top DJs, right holders and distributors, it is certain that more and more content will be available on this platforms and people will not need to listen to it through “illegal” uploads on SoundCloud.

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