After years of waiting, the double Third Party released their debut album. Composed of 11 songs, the album is the fruit of many months of work that finally saw the light of day and satisfied the delights of its fans.

Going back to the times when both youngsters had music production classes and still worked in part times, until today, where they exhaust spectacles and perform on the biggest stage in the world. The year 2011 was the year that drove the duo to the electronic music community, through the release of the track “Release” in the legendary publisher Steve Angello. The partnership with the former member of the Swedish House Mafia trio did not stop here, and a year later they released the stunning track “Lights“. Since then the musical bet was strong and a few years later they presented their own publisher, Release Records, which served as a release for several works of the duo and also for producers like Wolsh, Danzfolk, Sentinel, Zap Me Strobe and many more.

With the release of several solo tracks, the arrival of an album was already predictable and ended up happening in November 2016. Since then, the double from UK has released the songs “Live Forever,” “Veins” and “Have No Fear“. Leaving more anxious fans for the arrival of the album. These tracks are anthems to progressive house, for some reason are the most respected and followed artists in this musical genre.

The great musical talent and excellent lyrical work are the aspects that best characterize the album. “Without You” opens the way for a journey where electro beats, progressive chill and beautiful melodies guide the listener through a mix of feelings, ending in the magnificent VIP Mix of the song “Every Day Of My Life.” “Viens“, “Get Back” and “Hurt” show the versatility of the duo, who both can create a track that leaves everything out of control as it can take us deep into our memories through their calm melodies and magnificent vocals. And of course, let’s not forget the collaboration with Martin Garrix, “Lions In The Wild” opened the set of the young Dutchman in one of the best performances of the Ultra Musical Festival in recent years and it was one of the songs that marked the year 2016.

In our opinion, it is one of the best albums released to date in this sub genre. The concept created around the album, the musical selection is something that is not common to see nowadays, especially in the world of electronic music. It is impossible to choose a favorite in the midst of so much music that portrays a story where most identify and feel inspired.

Listen the full album here:

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