Our adventure starts at the end of the afternoon on the 10th of February. I happily welcomed my colleagues to the “Cidade Invicta”, although for a short amount of time as 10 minutes later we were already picking up all the material we needed to hit the road to the centre of Portugal.

After checking if everything was set we took our time to get out of Oporto, which was the most boring part of this road trip. After getting to the highway, the car ride went as smooth as possible accompanied by the usual talk about our daily lives and a discussion of what that night would be while always listening to the some of the best latest tunes. We eventually got to Leiria, only to find out that Kiay Palace was on the outskirts of the city. We turned the car around and 15 minutes later we had arrived at our destination.

I felt like we were welcomed like kings. The Kiay owners were hospitable to the point of offering us a nice meal at Restaurant Paris, which was situated just outside the club. That was some of the best chicken of my life, I have to admit.

After entering the club our jaws immediately hit the ground with such a wonderful entrance. The pool offers such an exotic environment combined with the modern flavour of the neon and the lift, we were stunned. Right there, we met the owner, Mr. Jorge who gave us a tour through the 4 floors of the nightclub. I have to give props to Mr. Jorge as he was a terrific host. After the tour, all of the Wide Future team was marvelled at the facility, easily one of the best in Portugal.

The night did not start in the main room, it kicked off on a secondary room with a warm-up with a lot of Dance Music, something extremely odd in Portugal, but definitely positive. The party then went on to the main room where resident Angel Deejay took over mixing the most recent commercial tracks such as “Closer”, “Hey Baby”, etc. with some amazing house and deep house vibes with particular taste for Tchami.

At around 2 o’clock in the morning Borgore arrived and it was then time for our interview. All went good. The Israel native is a really down to earth guy with a lot of ambition and love for his fans. Make sure you check out his interview with me at the Wide Future website later!

A while after the interview, it was headliner time. Borgore would finally set his feet on the DJ booth. The crowd reaction was almost inhuman when the Buygore founder showed up. He rocked Leiria with his big room and trap beats without ever forgetting his dubstep roots, including some 2010’s classics from the time when Dubstep exploded. The audience was going absolutely mad as the dubstep legend interacted with them several times and awarded some “Borgore-trophies” to some people on the frontline. After finishing his set, he took time to take pictures with his fans.

After all of this it was time to pack up and make our way back home, with a memorable night still very present in our minds.

On a final note, Wide Future would like to extend its gratitude to Borgore and mainly all of the Kiay staff. All staff members were absolutely amazing and helpful in some way, with a special thanks to the owner Mr. Jorge as he made sure we had everything we needed.

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Studying Foreign Languages and Cultures in Porto's Superior School of Education. Currently on Erasmus in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Football and Basketball aficionado. Madly in love with Dance Music.

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