Apple announced their new iPhone 7 would ship without a headphone jack, and that chocked the world as no one was prepared for it and a result it shocked the world, many say Apple were visionaries by dropping the Headphone jacks in their most recent phone, others called them crazy, up until now, many companies tried to be the first to release a reliable product out into the market that took full advantage of the lightning-port.

That was until now, Pioneer just dropped their most recent earbud called “Rays”, the new product allows users to charge their iPhone while listening to music at the same time through its integrated charging port, equipped with Avnera’s LightX technology, the new product will draw the least amount of power possible from the device to which they are connected.

Pioneer’s Rayz comes with many new features, in ear detection that automatically pauses and restarts music and smart noise cancellation which is controlled with a personalised app, it also features high quality voice processing with six microphones for clearer phone calls.

Watch the tailer below:

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