Last night was a big night for the music industry as a whole with the Grammy ceremony going down in Los Angeles, it was already going to be a huge night with various Dance Music acts being nominated in various categories, such categories were RAC, Flume and The Chainsmokers won an awards each.

However, to all Dance Music fans across the world there was so much more to be seen, to expect, to wait for, that was Daft Punk‘s return to live performance 3 year later. Daft Punk and The Weeknd performed live together for the first time, their show portion lasted just 5-6 minutes, but it was amazing and certainly lived up to expectations, with incredible stage design, light show and coordination.

Earlier yesterday, Daft Punk opened up their Popup show which was announced early last week, the shop was a “part archival retrospective and part shopping experience,” however there was a special surprise in the books, as Skrillex played live in the shop, as well as HXLT, Mija and of course Daft Punk themselfs

Now it’s all over, Daft Punk performed and no one knows when or if will they perform live again soon, meanwhile you can recap last night affair below:


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