Deadmau5 has now officially set a date for his most recent album, it will be a compliation album released on February 24.

Little time after he released his most recent studio work, W:/2016ALBUM/, in late 2016, Deadmau5 announced that he would be releasing a compilation in early 2017.  Entitled Stuff I used to dothe compilation will feature remastered tracks from his 1997-2008 work, which will be available in later this month, the date is set for February 24th as Joel’s label mau5trap officially announced on Facebook.

There are still questions regarding whether or not the compilation will be a free download, as the label’s original Facebook post stated “mark your calendars. on 24th feb we’ll be bringing you ‘stuff i used to do’. oh, and it will be free…” alongside the alum artwork. However the post has since been deleted. It’s important to mention, that in a Twitch stream when Deadmanu5 first announced the compilation, Joel remarked that listeners could hear the release when it released on iTunes.

Whether or not it’s free to download or paid, we are certain fans are delighted with new Deadmau5 music in under 2 weeks time.

View the track list for the album below:

1. The big difference
2. Messages from nowhere
3. Digitol
4. Screen door
5. Squid
6. Sometimes i fail
7. 50 something cats
8. Charlie can’t dance
9. Bored of Canada
10. Creep (Original Version)
11. My opinion
12. HaxPigMeow
13. Obsidian
14. Obilistik
15. Long walk off a short pie
16. Support
17. Superlover
18. Try again
19. Creep (2013 alt version)
20. Unspecial Effects


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