Tupac “2Pac” Shakur one of the most lovable rappers in the world, who has inspired generations with his music, 2Pac was born in Lesane Parish Crooks, New York in 1971, reaching success in early 1990’s with the release of “Same Song” which was featured on the 1991’s sound track of “Nothing But Trouble”. Between 1993/1995 Tupac reached the peak of his short career as he meet his destiny in 1996 dying by gun shoot from a rival gang.

Although Tupac had a short career, it left something that only a few artist dream to achieve, timeless music, music that will shape generations to come. Therefor many try to revive Tupac and his legacy, examples of this come in form of a Hologram, films and now an ambitious Australian producer named Jaymee Franchima just created a full bootleg album using 2Pac acapella and Flume instrumentals – B.I.G. Flume Part 2Pac.

The album features productions from Flume’s latest album Skin and accompanying Skin Companion EP, on the other hand 2Pac’s most recognizable tracks such as “Hit ‘Em Up”, “Me Against The World” and many others are all featured in the mashup album.

Jaymee said

B.I.G. Flume Part 2Pac is a ‘follow-up record to the first incredibly successful album “B.I.G. Flume”, which was released in 2013.’

Listen bellow to the amazing mashup album:

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