Welcome to the second edition of Spotlight! This time around we decided to go international without ever leaving our Portuguese roots. The second instalment of this series is dedicated to none other than Baauer.

Born in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Harry Bauer Rodrigues was the son of an Austrian descent mother and a Portuguese father. Growing up, the future producer would have to move from country to country due to his father’s job. Harry lived in the States until he was four years old, he would then move to Germany, where he lived until he was seven as he relocated to the United Kingdom up to the age of 13, where he would ultimately come back to the US to live in Westport, Connecticut. He would then go to London one more year only to return to the Land of the Free where he would study Audio Technology at City College in New York. After living in Harlem for 2 years, Baauer would finally settle in Brooklyn in 2009.

Nowadays Baauer is renowned producer ranging from Trap to Bass, going through the genres of electronic, hip hop and grime. The American would start producing music at the age of 13, specifically house and eletro. His debut single, “Iced Up” was releases in 2011 and was followed up by “Samurai”.

In 2012 Baauer’s career would be catapulted into worldwide recognition as he released the infamous “Harlem Shake” on Mad Decent’s imprint label Jeffree’s. A variety of peculiar sounds were added to the track so that it would be different but extremely pleasant, these include a mechanical bassline, Dutch house synth riffs and a vocal from the 2001 song “Miller Time”. This track would go on to win EDM Song of the Year and Dance Music Song of the Year on the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. The track created a movement in which people from all-around the world made videos with dance choreography, proving to be one of the biggest successes of musical industry.

Following this revolutionary release, Baauer was signed by the LuckyMe label in August 2012, where he released his first EP “Dum-Dum”. The Lusitan-descendant put on the work in 2012 and that would pave the way to an enormous 2013 where he would collab with household trap name RL Grime to create “Infinite Daps”. Better yet, 2013 saw him collab with Just Blaze in a track that featured one of the world’s most well-known names, Jay-Z.

That wouldn’t be it as in 2014 “One Touch” was released featuring Aluna George and a duo that would later start a music/video movement themselves, Rae Sremmurd. 2015 would be a year of pure work for the former Staples High School alumni as it would set the stage for the launch of his first album “Aa” in March 2016.

Also, Baauer had a residency at Beats 1, in which, at a certain point (episode 002), he made a set inspired by his Portuguese roots, as reported by Wide Future. Baauer has had his own show in a Las Vegas casino for the last two years. In that show he plays at the same level of the public so that it looks like a house party. He often takes guests, a lot of up-and-coming hip-hop artists and sometimes established names, and, some of them are featured in his album.

And this ends the second edition of Spotlight, where we let our readers know something more about a man that is making noise throughout the world and holds a special place in his heart for the Quinas country.

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