On February 17 Black Sun Empire will release a two-track single with collaborations from Noisia and Pythius. They have also confirmed that it’s the first single to come from their sixth album, due later this year!

These two huge collaborations gives us more reasons to get hyped for Black Sun Empire’s sixth studio album which will also feature Virus Syndicate collaboration “Caterpillar”.

About the new album, Black Sun Empire said that “All will be revealed very soon!”. They continue “The way we always work is we make a lot of beats, gather a lot of little ideas and then go into ‘album mode’ in which you actually try to finish as many tracks as possible, try make a cohesive album and try to figure out what fits together. It wasn’t until we came up with the title and artwork ideas that things really clicked for us, but we are really happy with it. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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