The last executive order of President Donald Trump once again generated enormous criticism. In addition to the numerous contestations throughout the country, the dislike is also well visible in social networks.
In the electronic music world this is no exception: artists have tapped their influence and popularity amoung the fans to support good causes and warn governments to make conscious decisions that respect each person, regardless of their beliefs, their origin, etc.

This time Zedd, a Russian-born Dj and Producer, raised in Germany and currently living in the United States, has demonstrated his willingness to organize a show in support of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).
In one of his tweet he mentioned Sia, Camila Cabello, Grimes and Macklemore asking them to join him to support this organization that was responsible for the lawsuit that led two federal judges to order a stay on Trump’s order.

For now there are no details about this show but Zedd promised in another tweet that this will really come to fruition saying “I WILL make it happen.”

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