It has been 5 long years, since we last saw the legendary Drum and Bass ban Pendulum, the Australian band has teased for the better part of 3 years that they might be returning, the biggest of them all was last year’s performance to close Ultra Music Festival in Miami, however Pendulum have now announce their return in the summer of 2017.

The band is found in 2002, the band consists of Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding, with a few other coming and going through out the years. Eventually, in 2011 Swire and McGrillen formed the renowned electro-house duo Knife Party.

With such a long career is hard to pick one track that stands out, but track such as “Tarantula”, “Watercolour”, “The Island”, “The Tempest”, and “Witchcraft” are some of their top fan favourites, and some even becoming timeless anthem of Dance Music.

This past Friday Pendulum released a short teaser on their Facebook page regarding their return, they have also released a website for registering to what it might be a show in London.

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