We had the opportunity to interview one of the best talents Portugal has to offer, Von Di Carlo.

Wide Future (WF): You started at a relatively young age in the world of electronic music. What led you to get yourself into this world?
Von Di Carlo (VDC): I always loved music and I was always curious about how I could create my own music, that’s why I invested a lot in my work in this field and I’ve been trying to learn, in an ongoing basis and in depth , About music production. Whenever I can, I work on music or I write. Then, an invitation to play in a nightclub in Lisbon showed up and since then I have not stopped working.

WF: What is it like to enter a world dominated by the male gender, whose opportunities given to the female gender appear to be a little scarce? Have you ever felt any kind of discrimination?
VDC: As a fan, I’ve always liked Electronic Dance Music culture, because it has always been a free space, without discrimination. We can feel it a lot in festivals! As a DJ, I’ve always had opportunities, and as a Producer my music always spoke louder, however, I still feel that, nowadays, socially it is not even common for a woman to be accepted as a music producer. But we’re here to stay.

WF: You are famous for the progressive sounds, but since then you have left that style behind and moved further into an area of trap / dance. What did you have to change this?
VDC: I always did the music. I wanted to do. As I grew up, music grew up with me. I like to experiment and I do not want to limit myself to just one musical genre. The term EDM-Electronic Dance Music refers to the electronic component of music, the way it is made … Music has to be just that, Music.

WF: Your quality is recognized across borders. You have already edited in House Sessions [Polaris, with Kura], and now you have won a prize at ADE. But it all began on a course in London … Tell us a little of this adventure in Her Majesty’s lands.
VDC: When I was 18, I moved to London to study at the SAE Institute. It was a great learning opportunity as well as an opportunity to be surrounded by people who enjoy and breathe music and art. The culture there is different. When I finished my studies, I came to Lisbon to work in my music.

WF: Two years ago you joined the Mega Hits team at the DJ Academy. How did the opportunity show up and how did it help your career?
VDC: I’ve been involved in radio since I was 17, but definitely the entrance to Mega Hits boosted my name on the national scene.

WF: It is common knowledge that your sets are explosive, no one can stand still during your sets. How do you define your musical style? Has it been this way or did you feel the need to change something over time? And how do you prepare the set?
VDC: I separate my tracks by music genre, and, in the very day, I decide what works best on the dance floor and what I feel like that is worth playing ….

WF: Speaking of explosive sets … Tell us about the experience you went through in one of the biggest national festivals: MEO Sudoeste. I imagine it was one of the most important gigs of your life …
VDC: So far MEO Sudoeste was an incomparable experience: 30 thousand people and an unforgettable night! Unique, no doubt, and the first of many!

WF: Let’s talk about the latest news of your career. During the Amsterdam Dance Event, you were present at ADE University and you won the ADE Beats Demolition 2016, where you decided to take part at the last minute. Then, your demo won the overall competition … We want to know everything! How did you feel when you learned that you had won … How was it to be part of ADE University? … How were those days in general?
VDC: This was the third time I attended the Amsterdam Dance Event and this was my most productive year so far. All the hours spent in the studio started to show results and, above all, people start to respect my work even more. On the same day, I waited until the last minute, because I was hesitant to participate. When I called my name, I could not believe it, but I was grateful that all of it. The studio work payed off, and my music was finally scaling towards a larger dimension.

WF: Now let’s talk about the future … Do you want to unveil something to us? Collaborations … Something that has been a result of the days spent in the ADE … Or even an album, who knows … And where are you going to perform in the coming months? Where can the fans see you?
VDC: Now I’m in the studio and 2017 is going to be a great year for sure. In March, they will be able to see me at Talkfest in Lisbon, and to follow my gigs. They have just been aware of my facebook page. Lots of music, collaborations and remixes.

WF: What is your opinion about the electronic music scene in Portugal and in Lisbon?
VDC: Holly, Branko, Karetus, Ninja Kore, Daniel Fernandes, Xinobi, Mossy, Pete K, Khamix …, among many others, are just a few of the Portuguese producers who inspire me daily.

WF: Wide Future is striding for 3 years, what is your vision about the project, and what has your contribution been to the national community?
VDC: The first time I heard about the project was through an invitation to participate in the # WideFriday’s. What surprised me most was that I had a lot of engagement online with the EDM community, which was an effective way to communicate and participate in the community too! I wish you all the best about your project!

And that concludes our interview, it has been a pleasure interviewing such a fun and amazing producer as your self, and we would like to wish all of the best in you career.

Wide Future

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