This is a story were a passionate man, Phil Macdonald, started by playing at a small, local radio station to only 10 people out of his room all the way in the small town of Cromarty in the Scotland’s Highlands. Now Mr. Macdonald owns the 4th most selling label in the world of it’s genre, Hardstyle.

The label started in March, 2011. The label’s second ever release was played to millions of people on a national radio station, the label now has over 30 artists signed, hosting parties as far as Mexico, Estonia, Australia and more, and has 5 sub-divisions – Gearbox Digital, Gearbox Revolutions, Gearbox Euphoria, Ignition Digital and Gearbox HD.

The label has received various notorious awards the most “Best Hard Dance Label” at the Hard Dance Music Awards in 2014, which further reinforces the quality of the label.

During an interview to Press & Journal Phil stated.

For years I had been running the label at a loss because I enjoyed what I was doing.

I’ve always ran the label on a very personal basis, where trust and friendship are key, and that has proved to be paramount to our success.

When asked about the strains of running a successful label, Phil said

The rapid growth has been extremely stressful to deal with while working a full time job as well.

Luckily we have staff members and a lot of volunteers who I rely on in a big way. Without these guys, none of it would be possible.

The way 2016 has gone is something I could never have anticipated, and the encouraging thing is that 2017 is already lining up to be a much bigger year for us.

Taking the Gearbox events to countries like Australia, Germany, France and many other places seems to be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the events we are hoping to secure in the next few months.

At the time of this interview Gearbox Digital massed a total of almost 20,000 fans on social media, more than 11,000 subscribers on Youtube, and has racked up more than 2million views online.

Make sure you visit Gearbox Digital’s website!

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