Earlier in December a superman whom was diagnosed with terminal cancer had the final wish was to see Eric Prydz play one more time believing he wouldn’t make it to EPIC 5.0 in London, James Lillo told his story on a reddit forum, when Eric found out about this he promptly offered to fly out the fan and play a special show were all of the proceedings would go to a charity of his choosing.

Although James Lillo passed away before the show, Eric Prydz kept his word and the show went on, selling out two night massing a grand total of $60,000 for the charity, latter during Epic Radio on December 23rd as the broadcast came to a close, Prydz announced a new track honouring James called “Lillo” with the following statement:

“In the days leading up to these events that we did for James, I locked myself in the studio to write a lot of new music. This track that I’m going to play to you now is a track that I’ve dedicated to James Lillo. It was really nice to see that so many of you guys who were there when I played this track understood what this track was.”

The track was released today under Pryda’s alias, the track is an honourable way to remember the name of James Lillo, listen to it bellow.

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