HDYNATION is no more, trap pioneers have officially broken up, but not over!

Flosstradamus is a musical duo consisting of DJs J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci), the duo come from Chicago, who first established themselves with an anthemic remix of Major Lazer‘s “Original Don,” have just announced their indefinite split.

Yesterday, Josh Young, took to Instagram to announce that an indefinite split was bound to happen. Josh said the reason for the spilt, it that he want to pursue his side project “Me2”, however if Curt Cameruci is going to keep working under “Flosstradamus” stating:

The reports of Flosstradamus’s death have been greatly exaggerated. A movement does not stop when one of its founding fathers goes abroad – it only gets bigger! Flosstradamus will continue and I am excited to carry the torch. Josh will always be a part of the #HDYNATION and we wish him the best on his future endeavors.

To many of the fans this came in as a shock, as the duo had the best year of their careers, huge sold out show, just launched their own imprint and the whole trap movement they created within Dance Music!

Below you can see Josh Young’s mensage on instagram


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