Last nigh 100% DJs have announced the results of their most recent TOP 30 Poll.

As expected Kura would come out on top, the Portuguese DJ had an amazing year playing at incridible festivals and being booked for Ultra Europe, regarding releases Kura released an original with Hardwell, Laidback Luke and most recentelly his new single “Tora”. In a close second place was Diego Miranda whom also had a great year playing in many important festivals aroun the world, to close the podium it was Mastiksoul.

Surpises in the form of talented DJs such as Kevu (6th), Deepblue (11th), Ben Ambergen (13th), Francisco Cunha (25th) Von Di Carlo (28th) and Zinko (30th) to close the top 30.

In our opinion the top shows a good mixture of Portuguese legends, seasoned DJs and youngesters, this top is a small representation of the talent that Portugal has to offer. There are a few DJs that should of made it in (Depending on each readers views ofcourse), but you can check our selection of 11 talented DJs that Portugal has to offer, meanwhile check bellow the full top 30!

  1. Kura
  2. Diego Miranda
  3. Mastiksoul
  4. Karetus
  5. DJ Vibe
  6. Kevu
  7. Pete Tha Zouk
  8. DJ Ride
  9. Club Banditz
  10. Carlos Manaça
  11. Deepblue
  12. Ninja Kore
  13. Ben Ambergen
  14. Miss Sheila
  15. Mauro Barros
  16. Tom Enzy
  17. Overule
  18. Menasso
  19. Paranormal Attack
  20. Christian F
  21. Souza
  22. Massivedrum
  23. Menaka
  24. Steven Rod
  25. Francisco Cunha
  26. Djeff Afrozila
  27. Branko
  28. Von Di Carlo
  29. Magazino
  30. Zinko

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