Facebook live was a home-run, but now you can live stream from your Instagram account, game changer?

Live streaming on facebook was a game-changer, it changed how you interacted with your friends, it was a huge player during critical moments of 2016 such as US Elections, DAPL protests and others, the feature was soon picked up by pages who wanted more interaction with their fan base, News outlets which used it to report directly and quickly and in the music industry we saw festivals and DJs stream their live sets, radio shows or use it to interact with their fan base.

Now Instagram – Which is owned by Facebook – is also giving the live stream option, it will be available on iOS and Android across the next few days, the main diference between Facebook and Instagram live streams, is that on Instagram is a “One try deal”, this means once you stop broadcasting the stream will disappear from the app, it will not go on your feed. We are certain that it will only be a matter of time until third party apps allow you to record the streams.

The company is hoping by making the feeds temporary, users will be more inclined to stay longer on the app so they don’t miss that “groundbreaking” once-in-a-life-time story from their favorite artist, users will be able to scroll through live feeds under the “explore” tab. This feature will be available in the few days.

So will this be a game changer or not, we will have to wait and see. Tell us your opinions?


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