Not everything in a DJ life is a party and Steve Angello can confirm it. One day in Amsterdam, the next in London and a quick trip still has to be made for a Mexican show in the next day. And with this lifestyle families have the highest price to pay.

Recently, reports have came out stating that the Swedish DJ and producer is involved in a legal battle with his daughter’s nanny for wrongful termination. The nanny that moved from Los Angeles to Sweden to care for the children, alleges unpaid payments as a breach in the contract established.

For a salary of $50,000 a year and extra hours also paid, she has changed her life just did not expect to get worse. Now claims Steve Angello worked her like a “human chattel”all day and everyday (with no overtime) while living in a hotel room she had to share with Angello’s two kids.

In contrast, the Swedish House Mafia’s ex member defends dismissal with just cause stating that the nanny was drinking while providing supervision to the children. He revealed hotel statements, showing costs at the bar for three consecutive days during the times she was supposed, once again, to be caring the kids.

All dance music fans and especially Steve Angello fans, are still waiting for more details.

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