That is right ladies and gentleman Frepz returned after with a banger, “Down” is a banger nothing more, nothing less.

The young and talented Portuguese DJ/Producer released “Down” a Dubstep track on his very own imprint LVRE in collaboration with Break & Enter Society, the last release from Diogo Menezes – Frepz real name – was released over a year ago, but now that he is back and stronger than ever, we decided to talk with him for a little bit, to understand where he is at in his career, what is next for him and the label and so much more.

Wide Future (WF): This track marks the your return to productions, what was the feeling of releasing music once again and what does the future hold for you?

Frepz (FZ): Thank you in advance for your support! Well, for me it was difficult to manage my time because of the studies and all the work that the degree held, it’s always a great feeling when you publish a track and it is so well received by everyone! The next tracks are being done, with time, but I already have some ideas in mind, things I have never done and some collaborations with national and international friends!

WF: In what did you inspire yourself to produce this track?

FZ: I lost all my projects a few months ago and that forced me to think again of new things and listen to a lot of new music. I received several messages from people on soundcloud asking when I was going to release something new, especially after I won the Bass Face Audio editor remix. I went back to listening to old things I had done and they were incomplete and I tried to put it together and create a song …

WF: “Down” also marks the return of your own imprint, what can we expect in the future from LVRE?

FZ: We already have some releases ready, we have many ideas to put into effect and we want to plan new giveaways and mainly new challenges for producers, such as some unexpected collaborations … It will be interesting!

WF: This release was released as a collaboration with Break & Enter Society which is also a label, how did this come to happen and who are they?

FZ: I knew David through soundcloud, I had no idea he was Portuguese until he added it on facebook! (Ahah)
He helped us with several releases of LVRE and when I showed him the track, he got very interested! There was an opportunity to make this partnership and that’s what we did!
I really advise you all to listen to the tracks released on the soundcloud of Break & Enter Society, good quality material!

We are so glad Frepz returns, in our books this young producer is one of the best Dubstep producers in Portugal, make sure you follow his work as he climbs the success ladder!

Mean while listen to the track below!

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