Deadmau5 took to social networks to expose his thoughts on the album, surprisingly the thoughts where always negative. However the hype for the album was always there, fans couldn’t wait until they had the album in their hands, so how well did Deadmau5 do?!

Well, let’s see, is this “W:/2016Album/” or is this “Album tittle goes here” 2.01? Read below as the album is dissected track by tack:

4ware –The perfect example to explain why this sounds like the album “Album tittle goes here” or is this the typical deadmau5 vibes from the track “there might be coffee”. Really smooth progression, with that melodic chorus building through the breakdown and continuing through the beat. Nice way to start the album, but nothing new.

2448 – This song starts with a glorious Melody! This kind of sound is explored in some other tracks throughout the album with a very powerful positive melody, but… Yeah, unusually from the mau5, the drop really feels like it wasn’t meant to be there, feels that he kind of rushed this track just to be finished, very dark aggressive bass lines… In fact it reminds me, sounds from “Professional Griefers “. Shame that he killed the momentum of it, that could have been explored in better ways.

Cat Thruster – Best way to sum this one up? “SeeYa” 2.0 instrumental. But don’t be disappointed by that, it kind of feels fresh without the vocals. Nice down tempo track to fit in the álbum, I mean… Every album needs a little break, right?

Deus Ex Machina – This one feels like it could perfectly fit an album from Jon Hopkins. I guess this already tells how good and industrial the track is, right? Really nice techno vibes, dark melodies, with some chorus coming once in a while just giving it that little edge for the ambience, followed by some weird spacial noises, amazing.

Glish – Random, creative, amazing glitchy track. Unpredictable smooth progression, weirdly puts a smile on your face, feels kind of unfinished, could have had a bit more potential.  C’mon deadmau5, just give us a little more of this. Still one of my favourite track from the album.

Imaginary Friends – We’ve been hearing this one on his sets for a year or so. It really has those amazing synths growing inside of you, fighting with that trancy bass line that feels so uplifting until the beat comes. Unlike 2448, this is the perfect example on how not to kill the momentum of the track, even though the drop is completely different to what the melody was. Powerful bass line, absolute banger for festivals with some techno vibes in it, a creepy piano melody ending, that feels like it could perfectly fit in a movie soundtrack.

Let Go – Been looking for this one, for quite a while. The vocals by Grabbitz, are satisfying, even though I think that this tune is kind of a mixed feelings. In one hand the vocals talk about a positive thing, but the melody gives you like a negative feeling. Supposedly this track, was the main one, I should say like the “Strobe” one of the album but it kind of let me down.

No Problem –  Oh man, this one just woke me up! Typical structured mau5 tune, with some scratchy vibes that comes from that 80’s synth and clap, followed by some heavenly made chords that came out of an 80’s arcade game as well… Wait, did I say 80’s again? Yep, I’m not crazy, the vibe of the 80’s really is the core of this tune! if you follow his social media, you wouldn’t be surprised as he already posted some experimental stuff with this sound… Kind of comparable to the Boom Jinx track “Lunar Arcade”. Personal favourite, outstanding sounds, feels totally fresh but still 100% mau5ly done. The 2nd half of it is even more rewarding, everything comes together to some piece of 80’s heaven vibe, where that synth just sings out of it in full gas.

Snowcone – This one has the same effect on the album as sleepless had for “Album Tittle Goes Here”.  That chorus that goes on and on really establishes the mood for it, so abstract and dark, followed by some really catchy melodies. Certainly one of the best.

Three Pound Chicken Wing – Not really much to say about this one, but mehh. Superliminal 2.0, didn’t really stand out on the album.

Whelk Then – Unlike anything we’ve seen before from the mau5, this one really brings something new to the table. The percussion and that piano loop through the track really gives an amazing industrial dark sound to it, adding that chorus in the back as well. The synths complement the track very well, and everything provides a super immersive experience.

To conclude, I feel that it could of have been even worse besides all of the things that deadmau5 said in his social media about it. I know that the main sound of it was kind of a flashback to his old material, 1 or 2 tunes were irrelevant, but we also see some refreshing new material and sounds that can potentially give as a clue to what his future work is going to look like, lets say this is a teaser for the future.



Deadmau5 "W:/2016Album/" or “Album tittle goes here” 2.01 (Review)
Innovation 7.3
Fluidity 6
Favorite Tracks
  • Whelk Then
  • Glish
  • No Problem
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Three Pound Chicken Wing
7.3Final Score

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