Portuguese DJ/Producer released the first single of his and upcoming album which celebrates his career.

Titled ‘Body Talk’, is the first single revealed on the upcoming album, the album will be available in 2017 to celebrate DJ Overule’s 13 year long career. This album (which is also the first one) has been prepared for the last 2 years, with a luxury panel of international vocalists and songwriters promises to be one of the best Bass Music albums released world wide.

Winner of ‘Portugal’s Best Bass DJ 2016’ categories on Wave Music (WAV) Awards, the DJ and producer is one of the most demanded DJ’s in Portugal that counts with more of 150 shows during 2016. For his true mixing skills, mixing so many styles from Trap to Dubstep, Drum & Bass and others, DJ Overuler will always give his fans an unforgettable show.

 The album will be released on his label ‘Desbobina Records’.


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