Steve Aoki leaves the cakes and a new project was born with Spotify and Gatorade support.

Gatorade Amplify is Spotify’s newest partner in new initiative that seeks to combine workout and music to ‘give athletes an extra boost in their workouts to help them stay motivated’. Users can access to personalized playlists created based in specific exercises and energy levels/power. The duration of the workout was also considered aligning the tracks and ‘times’ to give athletes the appropriate amount of motivation need it.

‘The Steve Aoki experience’ complete the three personalizes playlists aready avaiable – with ‘High-Intensity Workout’ and ‘Interval Training’. This ones were created after Spotify and Gatorade worked and analyzed, with research company The Sync Project, the BPM trends most used in more heard exercise songs. Refreshed every weak, give users the option to return to them again and again without fear of the list becoming stale.

Watch a behind the scenes video below and click here for Steve Aoki’s playlist for the week.

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