Third Party have announced that they have been working on a new album, the duo announced it during their guest mix for Steve Angelo’s BBC Radio 1 residency.

The duo have had an amazing year, they grew tremendously, at the start of the year the duo announced that they would be releasing one track per month for the first few months of the year, later on “Released Records” was announced, the duo very own imprint, to top off all of the excitement Third Party threw a few “Released parties” with top class guests.

Since the announcement of the album not much has came out about it, that was until today, today third party took to social networks to tease us their upcoming album titled “Live Forever”. But the English duo weren’t done just yet, later they teased us once again, this time round it was the first single of the album, named “Hope”.

Today when we heard the preview of the track, it was obvious that Third Party where returning to their progressive house melodies and energetic drops, filled with astonishing vocals. The track will be out this coming Monday, December 5 and the album is scheduled to drop some time in February, 2017.

Check out the teaser for both the track and album below, we are filled with excitement about this album!

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