We had the opportunity to interview Club Banditz. The duo from Coimbra have had a tremendous growth since 2015 where they played at “Nova Era Beach Party” and opened for Axwell /\ Ingrosso at the Meo Arena for “Where is the party at? By Calsberg” and performed abroad at the Panama event “Day After”. In 2016 Club Banditz played in El Paso, USA for Sun City Music Festival and Meo Sudoeste.

Wide Future (WF): When and what made you produce music?
Club Banditz (CBZ): Well, it has been some time now (laughs), but our process was a normal process that happens with all or at least most of the producers, which is to start creating Bootlegs/Mashups, with others’ songs and In which you reach a point where you say to yourself, it’s time to start producing my own songs … Obviously this is all part of a learning process, namely start to tinker with the production software and evolve, eventually turning into a production.

WF: What was the moment you felt now if we are achieving something?
CBZ: We think that what contributes to this “moment” is the sum of several things to happen, because starting and/or building a career is a very complicated process and very complex, even more so in Portugal a country so small and so closed. But I think we can say that such a turning point, say, was when we opened Hardwell at Queima das Fitas in Coimbra.

WF: What was the inspiration for the hit “open your eyes” and what is your opinion about the acceptance of it by the public?
CBZ: “Open Your Eyes” is a song that reflects the style of Club Banditz, a dynamic, energetic, emotion-filled and adrenaline-minded music and simply does not listen and stand still. Our productions are always produced with that purpose.
In this case we began by the melody that was soon in the ear and soon felt as we had something here and then it was only a matter of evolving the track and complete it.
Final process was the vocal, and when we sent the song to the singer, he heard and said “my god”, I already have the lyrics in the head, tomorrow I send the sketch … and so it was, the day after when he sent it we loved the result. At the public level the acceptance was and has been spectacular, the track at this time has about 10 months and has been getting more fans, not only national but also internacional.

WF: We know you were in Miami to sign with Universal and that you will be releasing two new songs soon “IMPOSSIBLE” and “My type”, what can you tell us about the songs? When will they be released? Who are they with? Describe briefly the songs and inspirations?
CBZ: Yes we have and we can say that the first one to release will be “Impossible”, will be released on October 28th. As for “My Type” is scheduled to release on December 9th.

“Impossible” is an original from us and it has the voice of Marcel Mendoza, who is a young talent with a lot of potential and who is now appearing in the United States, although he has roots in Central America he lives in the United States. This Theme is the first single from Marcel’s Album to be released in 2017.
“My Type” is a collaboration with the Digital Militia and that has given us great pleasure to produce, because everyone knows that we have a special friendship and it is always very good to produce like this.
We are very expectant for the two songs, because we move a bit away from the style of Club Banditz, the two tracks more pop, more radio.
We chose to produce in this wave and without any doubt that the time we spent in the United States influenced us a lot in these two new productions, because is much of what is heard not only at the United States, but also worldwide.
The track “Impossible”, already rolls in some radios not only national but also internationally and we would like to leave here our thanks to all the radios that support us!
We have high expectations for the two tracks, we will wait and see the reaction of the public because the public is sovereign.

WF: Have you done any collaborations with the Digital Militia about this duo and their progress?
CBZ: Digital Militia are our younger siblings let’s say (laughs), we’ve been together ever since they came along and we’ve been following the whole process from the beginning, we’ve done it and we’re also very proud of it. They besides being 5 stars guys, they are excellent producers, and for us it is always a pleasure to collaborate together because it is always a lot of fun.
Just as we help them, we try to help others with great talent but unfortunately at this time we still can not help everyone or the way we would like. As we said before, Portugal is not an easy country because nobody helps anyone, which complicates a lot.

WF: In 2015 they played at the Carlsberg Where’s The Party were Axwell Ingrosso also present, and this year in the Meo Sudoeste, how are these moments in your career important and how was the experience?
CBZ: Listening to all these names, the brain does as an automatic rewind (laughs), and the will to go back and relive those moments all.
Obvious that they are important moments, in fact very important, very special and that will last forever in our memory.
It is for this reason and many others why we work so much day after day, that we invest so much time of our life, to live moments like these.
We often say that we do not feel what we do as a “job” because it gives us unimaginable pleasure.
Thanks yo everyone has who helped us to make these moments possible, who invited us / hired us and that in the future we will see more moments like these, because that is what we work for on a daily basis.

WF: In addition to having already stepped on the biggest stages in Portugal, we know that you have also stepped on international stages last year in Panama “Day After Tomorrow” and this year in the USA at the Sun City Music Festival event, do you think important and what was the experience like these?
CBZ: We think these are key moments in the career of any artist who wants to reach the top as we want to. For it is to open up new frontiers, to be able to show your work abroad, together with the biggest names in the industry.
They are wonderful experiences, we love to play and every party is a party, the audiences also change according to the Country etc., and we love it.
The public of the USA and Central America live a lot of electronic music, they are very emotive and very expressive, and when you’re on stage you feel it and it’s an indescribable sensation …

WF: In Day After Tomorrow there was a stream where we included admitted we were present to watch your performance, but beyond us (Wide Future) the presence of Portuguese audience in the steam chat, how important is it to you to feel the support of the Portuguese public and compared to the Foreigner what is your opinion?
CBZ: That is a question we are always asked (laughs). Without a doubt, the support of the Portuguese public is very important for us, because Portugal is our “home” and always has a special flavor when they recognise your work and support you in your “own home”.
As for differences, no doubt that the Portuguese public is one of the best audiences in the world to play, they are very emotional, have a great musical culture, know a lot of music and this is very good when you are playing.
For us it is always very special when we play big parties here in Portugal.

WF: Last week was ADE week, an extremely important week for the Electronic Music industry, can you tell us a bit about your experience there?
CBZ: Without a doubt, this is a very important week in the Electronic Music industry, because during this week all the people of the industry are present … From worldwide radios, to promoters, club owners and festivals, to labels Management and booking agencies, etc, etc …
We have been going for several years and it is always very profitable for us because there are always new things to achieve and that week is always very good for that.

WF: Which artists would like the opportunity to collaborate?
CBZ: At the level of 1% success rate, without a doubt Daft Punk (laughs) … Yes because in life there are no impossibles and in this industry a lot can happen.
We have several artists that we like and inspire us from their work, obviously, names like Alesso, Avicci, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmockers, among others, are all names of artists that we would like to collaborate with.
But without a doubt who with whom it would be very special and because they were the ones who inspired us to begin, and who continue to inspire us today, no doubt those are Axwell, Ingrosso and Steve Angello, it would be a dream come true to collaborate with them.

WF: The industry is not just made of music, and you demonstrate it very well with a heavy partnership with “Monster Headphones”, how did the opportunity appear? How do you feel about representing a brand as prestigious as this one where other top athletes like, Ronaldo and Antonio Brown among others are included in the roster?
CBZ: It was an invitation that came from Monster, who recognised a lot of value in our work and also a bet for the future. And of course made us quite proud and it is a pleasure to belong to the Monster family, where Portuguese only has Cristiano Ronaldo.
It is without a doubt a lot of responsibility for us, but we like great challenges, because it is in the great challenges that you show all your courage and all your capacity.
We have worked hard with them and many new things will come in the future.

WF: What other projects do you have in mind? New song? Collaborations? Events produced by you? Etc
CBZ: We are always working on new projects, be it new music or collaborations. At this moment we have some songs finished, we have others in the process of finalising or waiting for vocals, we are also with some parallel collaborations, that is, without stopping!
As for events produced by us, it is a goal that we have in the medium term, not for now, because we always have our feet set on the ground and head of the clouds, but we have thought about it, matured the idea, it is a plan that we want to run, have our own show, Elaborated and produced by us … Who knows in the short term there are more news about this, will see 2017 who knows !!!!

WF: Speaking of national talent now, which artists do you know and in your opinion do you think is a promising producer?
CBZ: National artists we have some that have proven their worth, at this time perhaps Mastiksoul, Diego Miranda, Kura, Karetus, are the names that stand out.
But it is true that several talents are coming up and with a lot of quality which is very good for our Country, we have already spoken in the case of the Digital Militia, we also have the KEVU that are coming up very strong and already starting to come out, We also have David Souza, with a lot of quality and also with an official remix for Bob Sinclair, we have Pete K, who we call The Portuguese Prydz, Ben Ambergen also working very well, and many other names that we cant name them all.

WF: 2016 is near the end, what have you saved to present us in 2017, can lift the veil on new songs, collaborations, parties etc?
CBZ: As for music, the veil is lifted … until the end of the year will be  “Impossible” and “My Type” also … As for parties we have some scheduled until the end of the year, but the biggest of all will undoubtedly be the New Years Eve, which this year and after several years of playing, we will play here in Portugal with 3 dates closed for the same night.
One of them is very special because it will be in our city and where we will spend at midnight.
In addition it will be a whole show prepared by us from visuals, lights, pyrotechnics, effects, in short will be the “our” show, a small sample !!
We hope to be a memorable night for all.

WF: What is your opinion about the scene in Portugal? Many say there is no mutual help in our country, do you agree? (If the answer is no, how can we change this?)
CBZ: Unfortunately and however one might want to think the opposite, reality tells us that it is so … In this aspect the Portuguese mentality is very negative. You look out and see artists from other countries supporting each other, you see the case of the Netherlands with 4 or 5 Djs in the top 10 of the DJ Mag and everyone collaborates if they help each other, you see a Tiesto giving so many artists , So many artists he helped launch, from Swedish House Mafia, to Hardwell, to Martin Garrix, anyway.
And you see that? Do you see this in Portugal? At where? We do not see this on the contrary.

Did you see collaborations between big names in electronic music in Portugal? We do not.
Portuguese seems to only have a number one at a time, we still do not understand why, but unfortunately it is so. It’s not you, nor your agency that says you’re the number one, who says it’s your work and your audience, it’s your music, it’s the goals you achieve and the goals you achieve without lobbying …

Apart from the complex that exists that you are only spoken to when you are not yet competing against them, from the moment you become a competitor they stop talking. We never thought or thought that way, for us the more and better the quality, the closer together and the better we are together.
We try to help the new values within our possible, sorry we can not be able to help more. But the more we grow the more we’ll help, that’s for sure! As an example, I would like to introduce the DIGITAL MILITIA to Universal in the United States where they signed two themes for 2017. Fame and money is not everything in life, today you are in the top of the world and tomorrow you can be F**ked!

WF: The scene has been growing in Portugal for the last 3 years, several projects and artists appear and disappear, Wide Future has tried to spread new talents and give opportunities to them, what is your opinion of our project and the same projects?
CBZ: It was like we talked before, creating a project, a career is not easy, and a very complex process, and fortunate or unfortunate sometimes happens, projects arise and then they end … but this is natural selection.
Your project and all the projects in which the goal is the promotion of quality artists and who strive and work daily to achieve their dreams is of great value.

Thank you for your work!

WF: Once upon a time we had you as guests in the stream #WideFriday by Wide Future how did you see the experience?
CBZ: We like it very much, are always very good experiences and also give us pleasure to do.
It also allows us to show our work to more people more public and obvious that this is also very good for us.

WF: And so concludes our interview, we would like to thank you for you time, work, efforts and music. We would like to truly thank you, for the support you have given this project, little actions make us want to do more an better.

Thank you,

Wide Future team.

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