This past weekend Russian superstar Nina Kraviz played at Melbourne’s Smalltown Festival, there was an unexpected “uproar” from some of the attendees.

Despite what she says, there was a solid crowd of about 4,000 dancing for her three hour closing set following Marcel Dettmann, it seems some Aussie fans felt the DJ and producer didn’t meet their expectations, even asking for their money back in some instances.

The audience wanted “techno,” and Kraviz “offered none in their opinion,” she says.

After so many complaints from the Aussie crowd, that Nina Kraviz felt necessary to take to social networks and explain herself

“Just before it got completely dark there was also non-4/4 part with Bjarki’s upcoming “Fresh Jive”, fucked up beated Eric Martin’s “Emergency” and that one track that has been an absolute essential “WHAAAAT???” gem in my recent sets that basically is a very bassy techno yet beatless sonic weapon with a repetitive Russian speech (not mine) that suddenly for about 1 and a half minutes loses it’s own shit speeding up to 155 BPM, changes skin and one amen break into another turns into a proper drum’n’bass or even hardcore (in an old, d’n’ b related original definition of this term) to finally drop the speed almost to 129 and become his normal self- a totally my cup of tea like tune. An absolute gem that is made by a Russian girl Mira aka ISHOME or Shadowax. The tune is called ” I want to be a stewardess” and soon to be out on my трип label.”

She further add “In fact, all I played was pretty much techno, at least in my own definition, but of a much broader spectrum. They wanted three hours of long steady beat narrative, and I offered something that didn’t match their expectations. But surprisingly the most negative comments I got for playing that one wild track with a drum & bass segment in the end.”

The complaints from the crowd, touched her very closely to the heart and the lack of appreciation to her craft. Read the full post here below:

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