The past few days have been busy for Eric Prydz, in one week Prydz announced Epic 5.0 in London, brings back “Epic Radio” show and releases the tickets for the Epic 5.0 which sell out in a matter of hours.

A few weeks ago during an Interview with Pasquale Rotella on his Night Owl radio show, Eric Prydz announced Epic 5.0 and the return of fan favorite Epic Radio show.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday and the world wakes up in shock as Eric Prydz in partnership with The Warehouse Project and Creamfields “Steel Yard Arena” announced Epic 5.0 in London, the following day (Wednesday) the announcement that tickets for the show would be on sale as early as Friday.

Thursday comes around, the clock marks 11:00pm gmt, Epic Radio Show marks its official return. The radio show starts of with an ID, 1h and 12 tracks later (5 of which were IDs) the shows comes to a close leaving people wanting more, only to realise that the show would only be back in two weeks time and in less than 9 hours the tickets for Epic 5.0 were going to be on sale.

Friday 9:00am gmt, tickets for the sought after Epic 5.0 show were on sale, within 5h there where only 1000 tickets left, 2h later it was sold out.

It was a hectic week for Eric Prydz and all of the fans, it was certainly an emotional roller coaster.

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