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Today we picked from our “Vault” the very first interview of one of the most promising DJ/Producer from Portugal: Dead Chaos.


Wide Future (WF)I’m gonna make you more comfortable… What’s your favorite food?
Dead Chaos (DC) – Good question… I love spaghetti bolognaise.

WF – And sports? We know that you play some football (soccer)…It’s your favorite sport or not really?
DC – Football and Billiards. Although I play better football.

WF – Do you like to play at defense or attack?
DC – Always on attack. I have the advantage of being left-footed. I suck at goalkeeper.

WF – And musically … Are you ready to attack in the productions?
DC – In terms of production, this year will be the best year of my five year career.
I have many collaborations with artists that in my opinion, are or will be national top, I have no doubt they will succeed in the market out there.

WF – You can uncover some of the names of these collaborations?
DC – For now I can’t reveal, but I can say that they are artists that we’re all familiar in the national panorama.
And the most fascinating thing is that all artists with whom I will work are from different genres of mine. So, it will be something different and very special.

WF – Do You think you’re a versatile Producer, although you’re more connected to dubstep and trap sounds?
DC – I am a very versatile person, I like several musical genres and when I produce, I produce what at that moment I identify more.
I have produced Moombahton, trap, dubstep, progressive house, electro, electro house, etc …
I am a very simple person, when I love a song/track I really love, the genre doesn’t matter.
I inspire myself in many musical styles in my productions, so that the collaborations I spoke of earlier will be something completely new for me, and that gives me motivation and energy to do my best!

WF- How do you think that the support from Kura in your remixes can help you in your career?
DC – Having the support from Kura is something I never imagined happening. I’ve following his work since 2010, and for me it has always been an example to follow and an inspiration.
In early 2015 I decided to make a Trap edit of his track “Makhor” to offer to my fans as an input in the new year. I never imagined that this edit was supported by Kura himself, and opened me the doors to an invitation to officially remix his track “King Kong”.
How that can help my career? That is a question to which I do not know the answer, but I think it gave me visibility and affirmation in the market, something that any artist looks for when start a career. I am very grateful for all that Kura did for me, and I hope one day to work with him and give my best to be able to return in the best way. Maybe who knows in the future!

WF – And in terms of performances ?? Will this be the year that we’ll see you touring in Portugal?
DC – Yes, I have a few dates in the “Somos Portugal.” (laughs)
I believe so. I’ve been working for it, because besides being able to make music, my dream is to share it with people that like me, feel that they can’t live without music and vibrate with someone’s creativity.
Perhaps from the summer, after the release of my first EP, these performances begin to happen, because when I give that step in my career, I want to be 200% ready and able to meet the expectations of people who follow and like my work .

WF – This EP will come out on Follow Your Roots (FYR), our partners?
DC – Yes, and completely free! One of FYR goals is to allow everybody to have access to the music you like for free. Music is an art and in my view, art is for everyone.

WF – We’d like to know how has been being one of our resident DJ’s. What opportunities were presented to you with this?
DC – Be resident DJ at Wide Future is something that satisfies me a lot, not only have the pleasure of working with an exceptional team, humble and responsible but also the fantastic listeners that fill all emissions of #WideFriday. Being able to play what I like without fear, and show new things to people who really like music in every way, is wonderful.
I hope to continue to be resident for a long, long time!

WF – What can we expect from Follow Your Roots?
DC – Unfortunately, for personal reasons I had to leave the label for a while. But it’s back and better than ever, with many surprises and good music. I want to find new talent and help them as much as possible, either with technical knowledge or even advise those who want to adventure themselfs into the world of production, because I do not want to FYR be just a record label, but a family.

WF – Same mentality that Wide Future has…
DC – Yes, I want to start signing artists and then make tours with them.

WF – How do you see at this moment the EDM scene in Portugal? Do you think that in addition to be growing is improving or not really?
DC – I see it with very good eyes! Finally begins to feel the acceptance of electronic music in Portugal. For example, I remember when I started was extremely difficult to go out and hear what you hear today.
I was always treated with indifference because of what was playing and produced, because a few years ago the market was not what it is today. And that I think is due to the commitment of the festivals in this market. If wasn’t because of them, perhaps things would be the same or worse than 5 years ago.
Regarding artists, there is a huge lack of mutual help, and this is essential for healthy growth of an art like ours or any other.
On the day that we (artists) get together and be there for each other, I think that are gathered all the conditions for us to show the world the best that’s being done in Portugal .

WF – A little to the image of what they do in Holland! Do you think who is Dutch has a future as a DJ?
DC – No, in my opinion this is something completely wrong. No Dutch DJ would had the success has it has today if they not supported each other.
No one has nothing to lose when you play a song from a producer that nobody knows. But of course, this is where comes the quality.
Martin Garrix is a producer with extreme quality. However if he were Portuguese, and reflecting on what i’ve said earlier, it would had the same success? With the lack of cooperation, mutual help and support I doubt that he would had the success that he has today and can be proud of.

WF – But do you think it’s already changing or do you still feel a lack of adherence by Portuguese producers?
DC – Things have been changing. There are more and more people to enter this world and the best way to deal with competition is not trying to bring them down, but support them because one day this competition can help you too. When I talk about competition, isn’t a competition to see who sells the best product.
No, it’s competition that motivates us to be better, to learn and grow as people. There is room for everyone.

WF – For last, we just want you to leave us a message for the people who listen to us.
DC – For those Who didn’t knew Wide Future, welcome to the family! Who already knows, continue to be part of it because the path from here is always up.


That was our chat with Dead Chaos a few months ago…

Time is passing by and it’s always good to remember those good times.
And better than one throwback in time are two, so check this beast track from the man of the hour called “Hostile”

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