Deadmau5 has finally finished his long awaited album, we have to look as far back as to 17th of June 2014 for his last Studio Album “While(1<2)”!

During a twitch stream the Canadian DJ/Producer simply let all his fans know that the Album was ready and hated it, which created confusion between the viewers of the stream however as to why you would hate your own album after working on it for 2 years.

Artists when working on a new tracks they may listen to a small part of it hundreds of times until they get it to perfection therefor becoming fatigued and bored from it due to repetition, however Deadmau5 send the album to press outlets to get feedback and surprisingly to him it was positive feedback, as he says and we quote:

“So we gave the album out today to a couple of press dudes,” Zimmerman says during the stream. “A friend of ours is writing up a thing about it and said it was a pretty good. I was kind of taken aback by that. I didn’t really like it that much.”

Meanwhile you can hear Deadmau5 most recent collaboration with Kaskade “Beneath With Me” and be exited for what is to come!

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