received_1806858079599026Algarve, when we hear someone talking about the Algarve we start to think about the Sun, sea, party and those wild nights that become rotine for a few weeks, we think of places like Albufeira with one of the best club/bar strips in Europe, we think Vilamoura with all the exotic cars parked outside the marina, near it Seven and bliss nightclubs who bring the must amazing line ups every summer.

But now almost at the end of October, coming up November days are getting shorter and colder and the sun, sea, parties and wild nights are over and are nothing more then a memory. Until we think of one more spot in the Algarve that is the city of Tavira, and the promoters the “Black Team”!

This Friday, 28th of October the “Black Team” is bringing everyone in Tavira and the Algarve a party to remember those wild night that Algarve has to offer.

With well know Portugueses DJs Freud, M&V and the Headliner and veteran Flipa More offering you the hottest tracks of the moment, as the name of the party suggests this is an “Xtreme Party Concept – Hangover edition” alongside the best tracks you and your friends can enjoy CO2 cannons, amazing FX visuals, Beerpong, mechanic bull and many more surprises.

Well the table is set, now get your ticket and join in the party!!!

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