As per usual, Portugal’s maddest week of the year absolutely delivered! The excitement and satisfaction was noticeable on the face of Meo Sudoeste’s newcomers. However the “veterans” who have been visiting the Herdade da Casa Branca for some time now didn’t really share all of that excitement. Wide Future brings you the best and the worst of one of Portugal’s most famous festivals.

This year’s line-up was one of the most anticipated in recent years as it was the 20th edition and the people responsible for booking the artists promised “The Best Line-Up Ever”. Sadly, that didn’t became a reality, not even close. With big names like the legendary Steve Angello, the prodigy Martin Garrix or even the cake throwing Steve Aoki, they definitely had a solid line-up, but one that pales in comparison to what they were building up. In addition to this, the Moche Room line-up was also very poor, especially when compared to the previous year.

But, even a solid line-up wouldn’t make up for the big number of technical problems. The leds were wrongly positioned and the mainstage sound system was absolutely horrendous, particularly making the Yellow Claw gig almost unbearable, something completely unacceptable for a festival of this calibre. However, not everything was bad, secondary stages such as Moche Room, Santa Casa and EDP were a big success.

The festival organizers must have had a lot of complaints about the camping quality in this edition. The decrease on the number of bathrooms made makes absolutely no sense as  the festival is growing every year. Equally inexplicable, was the reduction and re-positioning of the cell-phone charging points. That created a big and uncomfortable concentration of people in the same place and that contributed for a bigger number of stolen phones. Also, the Continente stand was a huge failure since the prices were the same as the typical Mini-market (absurdly high), and people had lots of problems with the app. Even worse, the security teams were just plain awful, simply not caring about thefts and not even showing up when there were fires, inadmissible!

On a last note, and a much more pleasant one, the atmosphere was truly incredible! The ravers and campers made up for all the other flaws and reminded us of what is truly great about festivals and how beautiful life can be, kudos for all of you!

A lot more was expected from the 20th edition of the festival, with more negative points than positive ones but, it was, nonetheless, an amazing week, that makes us want to turn back time.

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