After ‘Dharma’ was released with Headhunterz, KSHMR was joined this time by Tigerlily for one of the greatest tracks of the year. First revealed in September 5th, ‘Invinsible Children’ convinced the fans even the most demanding. However, shortly after, internet noticed the similarity between the collab and a track from little known producer Jango, named ‘IndiRasta’. There are various elements in common, especially the vocals, and so critics were quick to accuse KSHMR of plagiarism.

The artist took to Instagram to leave a message for his fans which explained the situation: “I’ve seen a lot of comments about Invisible Children and the track IndiRasta by Jango. Here I will clear the air: First of all, I agree — they sound alike. This is mainly because we used the same vocal sample from the Indian Vocal Sessions sound pack. We also used a similar bassline, which even to me is strange. But I promise you, it’s just coincidence. I never heard Jango’s track until Invisible Children came out and people alerted me. It is true that artists of stature often profit from the ideas of others… But that is not me. All respect to Jango, you can find his Soundcloud here: -KSHMR”

Since then Jango came out and said “After laughing our asses off while reading your comments guys we are finally glad to announce It was a successful troll. the project file that you all think “tigerlily stole” from me is one big bullshit. it’s just a huge coincidence … the project was on my computer the whole time and no one stole it,Even though that would be cool if kshmr actually liked the idea and made it better. Thank you all for defending me though,You guys are the best”

So we can surely say nothing was stolen and it was just an incredible coincidence!

You can hear both tracks here:

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