July 31th, 9 am. The Ovar train station marks the beginning of this adventure. Something would of gone wrong if we talked too much about the trip to Oriente station in Lisbon. In between talks of literature, (good) music, food and vain philosophies of life, nothing other than a perfectly train ride.

On arrival to the capital, hunger began naturally to hit our stomach, and the shopping center Vasco da Gama one street away, and there wasn’t much to think about: a “champion” like lunch, good Italian cuisine and the eyes of a fantastic view over the Tejo River. The clock said four thirty in the afternoon when it was time to make our way towards Tapada da Ajuda.

By a happy chance, we had offered a ride by one of the best domestic producers, Pete K, just like us he does not miss the opportunity to enjoy some great tunes. Taking into account the location of the event, it was less convenient and more time-consuming to use trains and subways, but you can get there by public transport, in addition to the options presented on the site. We leave here in imageScreenshot_15 response sent to us by the organization.

Already in the car it was a short drive, whose only drawback is the usual difficulty of parking in large urban centers. Finally arrived at the Brunch where we highlight three passes for security points before entering the festival grounds, quickly blood gave way to happiness inside the veins. Accustomed to bad experiences and sometimes painful in other events, everything around our eyes seemed too good to be happening in our little country (Portugal). Except for a small marathon up the hill to the Tapada da Ajuda to the festival grounds, we could not be more impressed with the environment. Breathed in nature, tranquility, lightness, and there wasn’t the double danger of “poisoning” by music or via the respiratory tract, so common in enclosed spaces in this country.

But before talk about the music, we leave few lines of praise about the environment, not natural, but created by people, organization, and of course the music as background. First, a common denominator jumped the eyes: diversity – each reveler presented themselves as they wanted, comfortable and free, it’s so much better when we decided to please only ourselves as respect for others and harmony between people comes naturally. In a friendly conversation with one of the organization members we said “There we felt at home, because we are so tired of witnessing pre-designed social models, false prejudices and of dubious quality music, we were amazed at what we were seeing”.

Now the most important, the sets. Given the time that we arrived, we can only make a judgment from Patrice Bäumel on wards. Patrice was best of the event, in our opinion. The Dutch presented us with a very consistent set and diversified hits from more melodious sounds interspersed with more dry, “heavy”, building a journey in which We point out tracks like the latest “Dum Dum” or “The Surge” to impressive “Konstantin Sibold – Mutter”, which allowed the audience to always keep the crowd emotions running high and inside the vibe throughout the set.

Baumel’s succession was in charge of the beautiful Canadian duo Blond:ish. They presented us with a dry and boring set, which is already its hallmark, building some crescendos in order to prepare the public for what was to come and it was an excellent warm-up for the most awaited name of the night. We took the set of Blond:ish as an opportunity for dinner and enjoy a bit of what the space offered us, and we made our way towards the “Brunch” where observed the area dedicated to children, equipped with inflatables and other activities such as face painting, always in a fun environment without neglecting safety.

We were surprised by the existence of vegetarian meals, something that is still unusual in Portugal at this kind of events, reinforcing the idea that the organization is prepared for all kinds of scenarios. Finally, the most anticipated moment of the afternoon/evening, the performance of the Danish producer and DJ, Kölsh. Baumel put the bar too high, so we had the feeling (and our feedback resulting from dialogue with others) that, although it has not disappointed, was not up to the stakes placed by the public. We had a brilliant start in which even had the right to jazz sonorities, but throughout his set it was becoming gradually more monotonous. Still, the last 45 minutes of his set were already within the level expected,Kölsh finally played some tracks from his album “1977” such as “Goldfish”, which immediately made public seethe. Among some chills, other tracks like “Is It All Over My Face” echoed, and to finish in beauty, a classic entitled to voice of a country with links to Portugal: “Cesaria Evora – Angola (Carl Craig Mix)”. Also note that there were many “IDs” throughout the set, some of them that made us foresee the possibility of Kölsch EP is on the way.

A final positive note for reusable cups, something that we are not at all accustomed to, but it shows the level to which this event is at. The after party was held at the “Ministerium”,at the mythical Praça do Comércio, where then you can very easily move to the Oriente Station, since the underground is located on the square. Finally, we would like to thank the organization for the friendliness with which we were received and how they made us feel part of the family, and we really noticed that the organization team was there to enjoy the event and not just to withdraw profitability.

We leave a final appeal. The Brunch Electronik will always be waiting for you with open arms, to give another color to your Sundays: will stay at home yet another Sunday?

Note: This Article was written in collaboration with Alex Fabricio  (Twitter) and João Mendes

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