#SaveFabric, Fabric Nightclub in London is one of the most charismatic clubs in the world, it stands proud of it’s heritage and today is pledging for your help.

At the start of the month Fabric was forced to close its doors for the time being as officials suspended Fabric’s licensed for 28 days due to two related drug deaths occurred within the premises, many world renowned DJs come together in support of the club as well as London’s mayor Sadiq Khan which urged Metropolitan Police, Islington Council and Fabric’s management to brainstorm solutions.

Fabric first opened it’s doors in 1999 with three separate rooms (two of which include stages capable of featuring live shows) with world renowned sound systems. Since its beginning almost 17 years ago Fabric has seen over 6 Million visitors from all over the world and over 5000 DJs, Fabric is regarded internationally as a cultural institution and an incubator for emerging talent that provides a honed setting for clubbers to enjoy their music, DJ such as Chase & Status and Duke Dumont who played at the venue and later become chart success.

Fabric employ near 250 people to operate at the club, to make sure that a smooth operation is runned that includes cleaners, taxi drivers, bar staff, operation managers, photographers, sound & lighting engineers, bookers, maintenance, graphic designers all stand to lose their jobs if the club is forced to shut it’s doors.

In light of all the circumstances Fabric has asked for us, those who love this culture to help “We have been overwhelmed by the support that you our fans and artists have shown us over the last few weeks – it really cements everything that we do creating an environment to experience and share those special happenings so, THANK YOU!

We’re now officially calling on you to join the campaign to #savefabric

Sign the petition HERE!


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